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2013 15 Nov


Author: steve Categories: Uncategorized
At: 7:47 am

Our Kindle HD and Signed First Edition Raffle has been won by Katherine Ivan.  Congrats, Katherine!!

Your new Kindle will be shipped as soon as we receive your mailing address.  We’ll be in touch today.

And, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of people that participated in the raffle, and in our very successful Blog Tour over the last month.  We had the chance to talk with a ton of fantastic Fantasy afficinados, and we’re very grateful for the kind words spoken in behalf of the book.

And to all those who didn’t win, the electronic version of the book has been submitted to all the major platforms, and should be available within the next couple of weeks.

And, of course, the beautiful hard-cover is available through all major on-line sources!

Happy Reading.



2013 11 Nov

Slight Raffle Change

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At: 12:38 pm


The processing of Dark Talisman for publishing on the eBook platforms is taking a bit longer than we had expected.  As a result, it’s doubtful we will have the necessary information to provide our Raffle winner with the electronic copy of the book when the contest ends this Thursday.

As a result, we will be including a signed, first-edition hard-copy of the book with your Kindle, and then, when the electronic version is available, we’ll send a coupon for downloading the book.

Just a heads-up, and thanks for the raffle response — we’ve had literally hundreds of people sign up, and had some truly amazing reviews for the book.

If you don’t win, remember the book is available through all major outlets!




2013 12 Oct

The Moment Has Arrived

Author: steve Categories: Uncategorized
At: 10:41 am

So, yesterday, after a wait of nearly six years, the moment finally arrived, and Dark Talisman went from being a bunch of bits in Word Documents, to an actual, physical book!

Three boxes worth of books weighs a ton, let me assure you!






It’s tough to open a box while holding a camera!










It was feeling a lot like Christmas at this point.





Finally! And they look spectacular! Now, we’re truly ready for the release next week!



2013 20 Sep

A Rare Opportunity

Author: steve Categories: Uncategorized
At: 10:05 am

This morning, I got an email from our design house, TLC Graphics, with some simply amazing pic’s from the printer doing the first-run for Dark Talisman.  They offer a seldom-seen peek behind the scenes of the production of the book.

Most authors never get to see how their book is actually produced, so I thought I would share them with you. The image above is the case for my copy of the first volume of Harry Potter.   The case is the actual cover of the book — something 90% of readers never even look at, since it’s covered and protected by the flyleaf cover — which you can see peeled away in the above image.  (It’s the four-color jacket for the book containing all the text and graphics)

So, here’s the case for Dark Talisman:

It’s lying flat, before it’s wrapped around the book. The case has black foil-etched vines on the front side.  The flyleaf has these same vines impressed onto the shield-motif on the cover in green foil.

Cool, eh?







Here is an image of the vines being cut from the foil sheet and pressed into the black cardboard cover stock — a rare peek at the printing process.








And finally, here’s a picture of the cutter die that is used in the above procedure.  Looks like it’s made out of copper.








The foil design is the creation of our superb design house, TLC Graphics, and the printing is being done by Bang Printing in Minnesota. Fantastic job, guys, thanks for the great work!

Better keep all the cutting dies around — I think we may be doing a second run (hopefully LOL)


2013 13 Sep

Good Times

Author: steve Categories: Uncategorized
At: 10:33 pm

Cara, over at Wunderkind, contacted me this morning to ask why I hadn’t uploaded a cover image for Dark Talisman on GoodReads.  Since I never created a page on that site (even though I’ve been a registered member for a long time), I was obviously surprised!

Our team-members over at Pathway, our distributor, have been doing a simply fantastic job of getting DT into the stores, and this is yet another example of their excellent work.

So… if you do reviews on GoodReads, there is now a place to go!  Here’s the link:

Dark Talisman on GoodReads

2013 29 Aug

New Review

Author: steve Categories: Uncategorized
At: 4:13 pm

The folks over at Monsters & Critics were one of the early reviewers of Dark Talisman.  You can click here to see the full review by Sandy Amazeen, but I have to say… her synopsis of Dark Talisman is, I think, the most accurate and cogent summary I’ve ever seen — even better than what I created!

She seems to have liked the book:

This entertaining, sweeping fantasy is the first installment of the new Guardian Chronicles series geared toward the young adult market but equally suitable for adults. The diverse, obviously flawed characters are a treat, especially Altira who gradually replaces her snarky, knee-jerk reactions to people with genuine caring. Tyke, Altira’s dwarf friend proves to be a steadfast ally and companion while the Guardians add just the right amount of magic to this engaging tale that all started with the simple theft of a stone. This is a treat for fantasy readers of all ages and is certain to win Booth a loyal following for his upcoming releases as there are more challenges ahead for Altira.

Wow!  Thanks to the hard work of Elena and Cara over at Wunderkind, we’ve had some truly fantastic reviews, but this one just knocks it out of the park.  Thank you, Sandy, for your kind words!

And remember — you can pre-order the book by clicking on any of the links at the right.  We just appeared in booksamillion.com today, by the way!

Exciting stuff!

2013 28 Aug

We’re gettin close!

Author: steve Categories: Uncategorized
At: 5:50 pm

Big things are happening!  Last month we FINALLY sent the completed manuscript, with about a thousand assorted changes to interior design, cover design and editing, to the actual, for-real PRINTER!  Our publication date is officially October 15th, so I figure you should get in line at Barnes & Noble by.. say… Labor Day!  (LOL)

Gotta say… Tamara and the folks at TLC Graphics have out-done themselves with this cover, and it’s going to be FANTASTIC!  It has debossing, embossing, foil, and this incredible matte phoenix etched on the back.  And, if that isn’t cool enough, the case for the book has these amazing vines in reflective black foil.  I’m telling you, if they don’t win some kind of award for this thing, there is no justice in the universe.

In addition, Dark Talisman went up on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble recently, and is currently available to order through the standard channels.

After literally YEARS of hard work, we’re down to the last few weeks before this puppy sees the shelves in a bookstore near you.  I’ll be posting some new reviews soon, and there will be a complete re-design of the web site happening in conjunction with the release.  (It’s gonna be super cool… but you’ll have to wait for that.)

SO… zip on over to the links provided at the right, and get your orders in now.  Seriously… given the buzz Elena has generated, the first printing of DT will go super-fast.

I’ll be thanking everyone who has helped with this in the next few weeks, but for now, let’s just say that I have an absolutely amazing team helping.  In no sense is this ‘my’ book — there are at least a dozen highly talented people helping, and I’m immensely grateful to each and every one for all they do.

Cant wait till October!!!


2013 11 May

A Worthy Endeavor

Author: steve Categories: Uncategorized
At: 8:51 am

My fellow fantasy author, Shawn Speakman, has an opportunity available over on his web site, that all Fantasy fans should consider.  He’s selling rare, Advanced Reader Copies of an anthology of stories from some of the biggest names in the genre.

And if a chance to obtain a rare, limited-edition printing isn’t enough to tempt you into supporting this worthy effort, the proceeds from the sale of the ARCs will be used to help defray the medical expenses of uninsured, freelance writers!

I got mine today — please consider supporting Shawn’s effort, and get a signed, limited edition ARC compendium at the same time.

Highly Recommended.


2013 04 May


Author: steve Categories: Uncategorized
At: 12:07 pm

WunderkindGreat news! Last month we were extremely fortunate to add one of the best New York PR firms in all of Fantasy to the Dark Talisman team.  Elena Stokes, and her marvelous team at Wunderkind PR agreed to represent Dark Talisman, and I have to say, I couldn’t be happier!

It’s not often that one gains recognition from someone with vast experience in the industry, and we’re working hard to get the manuscript and associated materials whipped into shape.  Currently, we are anticipating a Fall release, so all those that have been patiently waiting for DT to become a reality — your wait is almost over!

We are currently soliciting reviews for blurbs, so if anyone knows of a fantasy author that might be willing to give us a hand up, please drop us a line!

We’re now back ON TRACK, and exciting things will be happening here over the next four months as Elena’s PR plan swings into gear.

I’m sure Altira is thoroughly jealous now :)




2012 27 Aug


Author: steve Categories: Uncategorized
At: 12:38 pm

Sooo… somehow the link to the first three pages of Dark Talisman got mysteriously removed from the home page, and apparently several interested readers missed it. My total bad!

It’s back (see to the right), and I’ve removed the registration requirements to download it. Now all the KickStarter folks (and anyone else) can see the first three chapters at no charge. Enjoy, and sorry for the confusion.