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2013 28 Aug

We’re gettin close!

Author: steve Categories: Uncategorized

Big things are happening!  Last month we FINALLY sent the completed manuscript, with about a thousand assorted changes to interior design, cover design and editing, to the actual, for-real PRINTER!  Our publication date is officially October 15th, so I figure you should get in line at Barnes & Noble by.. say… Labor Day!  (LOL)

Gotta say… Tamara and the folks at TLC Graphics have out-done themselves with this cover, and it’s going to be FANTASTIC!  It has debossing, embossing, foil, and this incredible matte phoenix etched on the back.  And, if that isn’t cool enough, the case for the book has these amazing vines in reflective black foil.  I’m telling you, if they don’t win some kind of award for this thing, there is no justice in the universe.

In addition, Dark Talisman went up on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble recently, and is currently available to order through the standard channels.

After literally YEARS of hard work, we’re down to the last few weeks before this puppy sees the shelves in a bookstore near you.  I’ll be posting some new reviews soon, and there will be a complete re-design of the web site happening in conjunction with the release.  (It’s gonna be super cool… but you’ll have to wait for that.)

SO… zip on over to the links provided at the right, and get your orders in now.  Seriously… given the buzz Elena has generated, the first printing of DT will go super-fast.

I’ll be thanking everyone who has helped with this in the next few weeks, but for now, let’s just say that I have an absolutely amazing team helping.  In no sense is this ‘my’ book — there are at least a dozen highly talented people helping, and I’m immensely grateful to each and every one for all they do.

Cant wait till October!!!


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