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2013 29 Aug

New Review

Author: steve Categories: Uncategorized

The folks over at Monsters & Critics were one of the early reviewers of Dark Talisman.  You can click here to see the full review by Sandy Amazeen, but I have to say… her synopsis of Dark Talisman is, I think, the most accurate and cogent summary I’ve ever seen — even better than what I created!

She seems to have liked the book:

This entertaining, sweeping fantasy is the first installment of the new Guardian Chronicles series geared toward the young adult market but equally suitable for adults. The diverse, obviously flawed characters are a treat, especially Altira who gradually replaces her snarky, knee-jerk reactions to people with genuine caring. Tyke, Altira’s dwarf friend proves to be a steadfast ally and companion while the Guardians add just the right amount of magic to this engaging tale that all started with the simple theft of a stone. This is a treat for fantasy readers of all ages and is certain to win Booth a loyal following for his upcoming releases as there are more challenges ahead for Altira.

Wow!  Thanks to the hard work of Elena and Cara over at Wunderkind, we’ve had some truly fantastic reviews, but this one just knocks it out of the park.  Thank you, Sandy, for your kind words!

And remember — you can pre-order the book by clicking on any of the links at the right.  We just appeared in booksamillion.com today, by the way!

Exciting stuff!

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