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2013 20 Sep

A Rare Opportunity

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This morning, I got an email from our design house, TLC Graphics, with some simply amazing pic’s from the printer doing the first-run for Dark Talisman.  They offer a seldom-seen peek behind the scenes of the production of the book.

Most authors never get to see how their book is actually produced, so I thought I would share them with you. The image above is the case for my copy of the first volume of Harry Potter.   The case is the actual cover of the book — something 90% of readers never even look at, since it’s covered and protected by the flyleaf cover — which you can see peeled away in the above image.  (It’s the four-color jacket for the book containing all the text and graphics)

So, here’s the case for Dark Talisman:

It’s lying flat, before it’s wrapped around the book. The case has black foil-etched vines on the front side.  The flyleaf has these same vines impressed onto the shield-motif on the cover in green foil.

Cool, eh?







Here is an image of the vines being cut from the foil sheet and pressed into the black cardboard cover stock — a rare peek at the printing process.








And finally, here’s a picture of the cutter die that is used in the above procedure.  Looks like it’s made out of copper.








The foil design is the creation of our superb design house, TLC Graphics, and the printing is being done by Bang Printing in Minnesota. Fantastic job, guys, thanks for the great work!

Better keep all the cutting dies around — I think we may be doing a second run (hopefully LOL)


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